eQual Pro

ERP Solution That Grows With You

eQual Pro is an affordable, easy-to-use business management solution designed specifically for growing small to midsized businesses and subsidiaries.

It is designed to help users extend their business management capabilities with powerful and innovative features that incorporate a suite of management capabilities.

From financial and accounting to inventory management, manufacturing, payroll and archiving solutions, all key areas of the business are integrated to provide clear visibility into the entire business. By collecting data from a single, centralized repository, you can access critical information in real time to make quick, informed decisions.

eQual Pro is trusted worldwide. A scalable, proven solution for use both on-premises and in the cloud from Silicon Computer Systems. eQual Pro is packed with features to help you transform your business by leveraging information to maximize efficiencies, attract new customers and drive profitable growth.
General Features
  • Multi Company with unique identity.
  • Multi Fiscal years.
  • Create multi Branch structure.
  • Multi Cost center and projects.
  • Multi Family, category, unit and warehouse in Inventory module.
  • Multi-Currency, ability to have double Basic Currency also.
  • Multi Window with Tabs view for easier navigation.
  • Supports multi languages and countries.
  • Multi Chart of Accounts for any country.
  • Different Average Cost methods.
  • Multi Fiscal years reporting.
  • Closing and Opening utility.
  • Administration system to manage users and groups.
  • Backup and Restore your data on the go.
  • Tax utility to create automatic Tax entries.
  • Log file to track users and transactions.
  • Interactive dashboards to view summaries quickly.
User Side Features
  •  Control allsystem settings.
  •  Add transactions with custom types.
  •  Manage bankchecks with reports.
  •  Manage Assets.
  •  Customize reports (design and data).
  •  Export reports to several types.
  •  Customize the entry layout related to any Inventory type.
  • Allocate each stock item to any account category.
  •  Copy from and to any Inventory transaction.
  •  Control Aging