Online Support

Visits to your site can be scheduled to perform a thorough check-up by our team of experts to fix any reported problems in your installed system(s) and/or hardware. Alternatively, using a variety of systems, such as PC Anywhere, Citrix Winframe or Team Viewer, our team is always ready to support you remotely..


Our uniqueness lies in the customization of our products and services to specifically cater to your needs while complying with your company’s unique management structure. Additional modules, reports, and specific system can be tailored as per your requirements.

Quality Control

Our internal quality control policy dictates that no program will be installed at the customer’s site unless it has passed thorough rigid testing . The first level of testing is the programmer’s responsibility. Following that, our assigned quality control team undertakes another comprehensive level of testing upon installation.


To maintain our high standards of customer satisfaction, we install on-site and configure your new software. We like to make this process as easy as possible. It’s another stage where we insure your new system meets your expectations and requirements and works smoothly for you.

Data Conversion

This service saves users weeks and months of data entry time. When required, we can access the existing data, clean them up, and convert them into your new systemin a timely and smooth transition.


Although all our applications are direct and easy to use, we keep providing on-site training at your location and/or in-house training at our facilities via a bespoke training program to thoroughly cover all the “know-how” basics and features and how to get the most out of our products and services.

Updates And Upgrades

Systems Upgrade is a task carried by the company to regularly add on new features or enhance existingones to its products. Our sales and customer services team arrange periodicreview meetings with our customers to discuss and note any new ideas, suggestions or requirements.